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The Y1 property aims to provide the Cambridge area with a new building concept that neither a pure office building or an industrial unit can satisfy. The Mid tech concept is designed to satisfy those occupiers who require a combination of office space, research & development and production/storage space in a high quality, landscaped park environment with pleasant views over the lake.

This highly specified 25,000 sq ft Mid tech development has offices to the front with the rear area left as a warehouse type shell. Flexibility has been designed into the buildings to enable the occupier’s requirements to be accommodated. By providing additional foundation bases the office content can be increased markedly in the future if required to provide the occupiers with the split of uses they require.

The building is a steel frame structure with a portal frames spanning over the warehouse area. Both the ground below the ground floor slab and the pad bases was vibro improved to increase the competency of the existing ground.

A Short Brief

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